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At E-nnovative Health, we serve as a trusted advisor to leading healthcare organizations, health systems, medical group practices, community health centers, patient centered medical homes and not-for-profits. We focus on improving patient engagement and customer satisfaction by investing in digital tools and developing strategies that bridge the gap between what patients demand and what providers deliver.

Our Mission

Provide healthcare organizations with practical strategies on how to effectively engage with their clients utilizing digital health tools

Our Vision

Develop and implement a multi-channel engagement strategy that meets patient expectations and shifts health systems to a patient-centric healthcare model


Our Plan

Employ technology solutions that empower patients and connect them with providers in new ways

Our Story



When it comes to healthcare, ask patients anything and they will tell you. They’ll talk about the confusion they feel along their care journey, open up about how they trust their doctor but don’t always seek him/her when they should, and even share what influences their decision. Of high importance to patients is the ability to easily and efficiently interact with healthcare organizations over their chosen channels. Given that today’s patients are increasingly looking for ways to self-serve, we, at E-nnovative Health, employ technology solutions to empower patients.

Meet Our Founder

Learn more about Stephane, his humble beginnings from student intern to starting E-nnovative Health in 2012.

Stephane Elias

Stephane Elias


At the age of 17, Stephane began his journey in the healthcare industry as a student intern with Broward Health. Upon graduating high school, he joined his father’s security management consulting firm, M.J.E. Consulting Inc. From May 2006 to December 2012, Stephane served as Vice President of Operations. In December 2012, M.J.E. Consulting became Elias & Son Consulting, Inc. and he was appointed President. From December 2012 to January 2016, Stephane held this position.

From February 2012 to August 2014, Stephane served as Office Manager of the Center for Haitian Studies, Health & Human Services, Inc., a duly registered non-profit, tax-exempt health and social service organization founded in 1988 for the purpose of serving the disenfranchised populations of Little Haiti/Little River in Miami, Florida. In December 2012, he founded E-nnovative Health, LLC for the purpose of providing healthcare organizations with practical strategies on how to effectively engage with their patients.

Stephane is a member of several prestigious organizations, including the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project, T Leroy Jefferson Medical SocietyHaitian-American Leadership Organization (HALO) and Haitian-Americans for Progress (HAfP). From December 2013 to December 2014, he served as First Vice President of the Democratic Haitian-American Caucus of Florida (DHACF). From April 2014 to April 2017, Stephane served as President of the Foundation of the World, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that focuses on providing our brothers & sisters of diverse cultures with the knowledge and tools necessary to improve the quality of their lives. In January 2017, Stephane was appointed to the Board of the Urban League Young Professionals of Palm Beach County; ULYP is a non-profit member organization for individuals aged 20-40. The YP supports and advances the programs of the Urban League by uniting young professional men and women to promote social, economic, and political empowerment throughout Palm Beach County. In June 2017, Stephane was appointed to the Board of the Palm Beach Young Black Progressives; Palm Beach’s premier organization for engaging, empowering and educating communities in the political process. In October 2018, Stephane was appointed to the Board of the Legacy 40 Under 40 Foundation. The mission of the Legacy 40 Under 40 Foundation is to eliminate the brain drain that perpetuates in the Black community, regarding millennials.

Stephane is a graduate of Nova High School. In addition, he attended Florida Atlantic University where he studied Biology/Healthcare Administration. His philosophy: “Being compassionate, being concerned, doing everything I can to help people…that is my passion. My passion: the reason for my existence. My success: the product of my persistence.”

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