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At Ennovative Health, we ensure that healthcare organizations are providing care that is respectful of and responsive to patient preferences, needs, and values.

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According to an Accenture Strategy study, forty percent of US healthcare consumers expect a convenient, customized, non-stop experience when they shop for healthcare. They won’t hesitate to switch providers if they find a better service elsewhere – but once satisfied, these digital intense patients are not only more loyal; they’re also more valuable.

Indeed, providing them with a superior customer experience can boost margins by as much as fifty percent. At Ennovative Health, we create systems that discern the needs and attitudes of consumers with clarity. In addition, we position providers to be successful in the healthcare market by ensuring that their digital intensity aligns with that of each type of digital consumer.

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Technology-Enabled Care (TEC)

At E-nnovative Health, we provide technology-enabled care (TEC); involves the convergence of health technology, digital, media and mobile telecommunications. This includes: telecare, telehealth, telemedicine, mHealth, digital health and eHealth services.

We utilize micro-location sensors, also known as beacons or Bluetooth low energy devices, to meet the growing demand for personalized, predictive services by giving patients contextual, location specific experience.

Through the power of a mobile app with a few strategically placed beacons, healthcare organizations can interact with patients in a positive way everyday.

Imagine if you could walk into your doctor’s office for an appointment and receive a personalized greeting from your doctor on your phone. Based on your scheduled appointment and insurance, an app dynamically directs you to the first step in your visit: registration. Then, step-by-step directions guide you from where you are to where you want to be, adjusting for wrong turns along the way.

How does that sound? Would you like that? Let’s take things a step further…

Imagine if you could walk into your local grocery store and your receive a message from your doctor offering you personalized, healthy recipes based on your specific medical data (chronic conditions, weight, etc.).


Imagine if you went to your gym and you received a personalized, micro-location based message from your doctor encouraging you to keep up healthy behaviors.

Capturing these micro-mobile moments allow health organizations to act as a day-to-day coach, empowering and inspiring patients to take actions that will become healthy habits and have a big, long term impact on the cost of a patient’s care.

Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics represents medicine that’s more specific and ambitious than health tracking; it’s focused on changing patients’ behavior. It’s marrying the latest in behavioral economics, smartphones, game-ification, biometric sensors, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

With healthcare costs projected to grow faster than general inflation and consume an even greater share of domestic wealth, digital therapeutics offers the potential to do what well-intentioned policy changes, including the Affordable Care Act, have not: shrink healthcare costs relative to GDP.

All players in America’s healthcare system have a role. Patients can get more engaged with their own health and start using software tools to manage, treat, and prevent disease. Providers can shed old practices that have done little to treat long-term behavioral problems that underly costly chronic conditions.

At E-nnovative Health, we utilize software as a drug capable of amplifying doctors’ care, changing patient behavior, treating preventive costly chronic diseases, and most importantly bending the healthcare cost curve. Our logic is as follows: address the behavior, prevent or help abate the problem and save big on future health costs from health perils.


mHealth App Development

In today’s society, people are going mobile. Mobile health app usage has grown rapidly over the past three years. More than half of health consumers (54 percent) would like to use their smartphones more to interact with healthcare providers. Yet consumers complain of poor user experience with providers’ proprietary apps and mobile functionality that often fails to meet their individual needs.

As digital patient engagement becomes the norm and consumers grow discontent with their providers’ lack of mobile service, healthcare providers are at risk of losing customers and revenue. At E-nnovative Health, we create user experiences unique to the mobile touchpoint focused on meeting consumers’ ever-evolving expectations and strengthening patient-provider relationships.


Healthcare Website Design

Today, patients are more active and informed healthcare consumers. As such, they conduct extensive research before deciding where they will receive care. The design of your healthcare website is critical to capturing a prospective patient’s attention online.

At E-nnovative Health, we design unique websites tailor-made to meet your practice’s needs and expectations. All of our websites are designed to be mobile responsive, so users can browse your site on a smartphone or tablet without any formatting problems. In addition, our websites are HIPAA-compliant; which allows your practice to focus more on your patients and less on the safety and security of patient health information. Your new site will accurately reflect your practice, expand your online presence, and help you reach the right type of audience.

We offer a number of packages and custom solutions for enterprise-level businesses from across the healthcare industry.

Digital Health Training

Digital Health is one of the fastest growing industries in our economy. Whether you’re a professional looking to learn more or a university student without the option of a digital health major (yet), we provide you with the following to help you explore the world of digital health:

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